Who we are

With the closing up of the last local newspaper which served the north Palouse area (S. Spokane County, N. Whitman County and W. Benewah County), there was no place for us folks of the Palouse to post news items, events and local activities, and no place to sell and buy stuff.


Then came the Internet and, a short time later, CraigsList, which gave people a place to post ads for their stuff... as long as you could get some one to drive 2 hours round trip to your house. The same for buying stuff in the city - only to miss what you wanted because some one living closer beat you to it. And you were still left to post your upcoming social events and garage sales on the local bulletin board. That worked OK, except when some kids pulled your flyer down or the rain soaked it, and besides, you were lucky if you had the space to attach one small photo to it.


Enter PalouseList. Some folks around Tekoa got tired of all the hassle mentioned above, and their neighbors and friends began asking if they could come up with some thing like CraigsList, but for all of us folks right here in the Palouse, instead. Some web site where they could get the local news and see upcoming events happening here - where they lived - not an hour away in the Big City (after all, that's why they lived here, and not there). A site where they could buy and sell stuff to people minutes away, not hours - posting ads instantly, right from the comfort of their own home. A site that didn't act like a nagging nanny, telling them what they could or could not sell. A site where their ads and news wouldn't get buried under thousands of other postings, or get flagged and removed by some anonymous city dweller on the other side of the state. In short, they wanted a LOCAL site - just like PalouseList.


So, after much work and effort, we give you... PalouseList - your LOCAL free classified ads and news site. We hope it makes the life you live out here just a little better. And if it does, we hope you'll tell your family, friends and neighbors about it. Because the more people that use PalouseList, the better it will become for all of us.





PalouseList serves Fairfield, Tekoa, Tensed, Rockford, Oakesdale, Plummer, Spangle, Worley, Rosalia, Farmington, St. John, Potlatch, Garfield, Palouse, Harrison, Steptoe, Colfax, Waverly, Latah, Chatcolet, Malden, Pine City, Benewah, Endicott, LaCrosse & every where in between!